Cambridge Mountain Bike Group: A group of people who regularly meet to ride out from Cambridge, UK.

Who are we?

We are a loosely assembed group of mountain bikers who meet up to twice during the week for a night ride.

When and where do we ride?

Rides are scheduled for every Tuesday and Thursday evening.
There will usually be at least a couple of riders unless the weather is bad.
We meet in central Cambridge at the north end of Brookside near The Bento Box (formally The Cross Keys pub).
See the arrow on this map.
Meet at 7:20pm for the ride which starts at 7:30pm.

Who can join us?

There is no club to join, no need to ask anyone, just turn up and introduce yourself. We're easily identifiable by the helmets, the lycra and the retina-burning lights.

What will I need?

A moutain bike is preferable but any bike capable of off-road riding will do. You will need good lights. A 5w halogen will be just about adequate but most of us use brighter lights than that. A rear light is a good idea. Also, the usual things like suitable clothing and basic tools/spare inner tubes etc.

What are the rides like?

The rides are about as technical as you would expect for Cambridgeshire bridleways :-) Distance is approx 20 miles. Speed varies but we have regular brief stops. There is a strong tradition of leaving no one behind. We ride out to a pub in one of the outlying villages, then back to Cambridge. The ride out is the longer part and the ride back is usually direct and mostly on the roads. The pubs are chosen for good beer and tolerant landlords.

How do I know what's going on?
How can I contact you?

We use an online forum to find out where we're going and who's planning to be out each evening. It's also used for more general chat and banter. Feel free to ask questions here.

Who would leave their warm dry house to ride muddy tracks in the cold and dark night?

Some do it for the hell of it. Some do it for the rosy cheeks and the misty breath. Some do it to look back on the bright lights of the city from a quiet hill top. Others do it for the warm beer and the marmite flavour crisps.

The online forum and the current runs list.
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